About our product

Red Ship T-shirts are made to last and are sustainable. They will sustain if people know how to treat them right.


Printing Method

A process that involves digital print of a design with special type of pigment ink and then heat application to a “compatible” garment.

Durability – Excellent, this process will often outlast the garment.

We would recommend to wash the item in cold water, inside out for the first few washes.


What kind of ink do we use?

The ink is known as pigment ink.  


Why do we use pigment ink?

Unlike dye ink which is a popular method in screen printing:

  • Pigment inks have a longer lasting print and better colour stability
  • Pigment inks are resistant to fade when subjected to sunlight.
  • The ink is more smudge and water resistant

*Although dye inks have more vibrant colours than pigment inks

In order to make T-shirts last and sustain for a long time, please follow these instructions:

  • Wash inside out / do not squeeze
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron the design